Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order?

If you ordering a school logo, place your order on the "School" order page. If you are ordering a custom pet portrait, place your order on the "Pet" page and email us a photo of your pet at pumpkinhollowbedford@gmail.com. Please include your name and your pet's name and a contact phone number. If you are inquiring about a custom request please email us at pumpkinhollowbedford@gmail.com

How do I pickup my custom order?

School logo orders will be available for pickup at your school. Please contact your site coordinator. Other orders will be available for pickup on Saturdays from 9am -1pm at the Midcities Community Market (in the parking lot outside MidCities Montessori - 209 Harwood Road, Bedford). Look for the Biz-e-Teen booth.

Are these real pumpkins or artificial pumpkins?

The majority of our pumpkins are REAL white pie pumpkins, averaging 8-12 lbs. We truck them in from Floydada... the pumpkin capital of Texas... to make sure they are fresh. Our hand painted pet portrait pumpkins can be done on real or artificial pumpkins. We understand this might be a rememberance that you'll want to display every year, so we are making artificial pumpkins available for this reason.

Is this a high school business class?

The high school students at MidCities Montessori learn about entrepreneurship as part of their core curriculum. In 2019, they started and managed Pumpkin Hollow-Bedford pumpkin patch. They practiced customer service, marketing, finance and many other business skills as they earned money to finance their travel expenses to the Lifesmarts National Championship. This year, due to COVID-19 we have decided to pivot and change our business model. Rather than sell regular pumpkins we are creating customized pumpkins so that you can represent your favorite school, business or organization. You can also order hand-painted pet portraits on your pumpkin! Whatever you have in mind... just let us know!

How long do pumpkins last?

Pumpkins can go outside, but we recommend they not be placed in constant sun. Texas weather can be brutal and direct sunlight along with high temperatures will speed up the "aging process." Pumpkins kept inside, in cool, dry conditions can last 2-3+ months.

Do you have a pumpkin patch?

Yes, we manage a small, indoor pumpkin patch inside the atrium at Midcities Montessori school. We have several hundred pumpkins to choose from including Large Jacks, White Pies, and Minis in a variety of colors. So when other pumpkin patches are closed for rain, we are still open, and our pumpkins are fresh and dry.